What is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a proven, structured model of workforce development that creates a more skilled, educated workforce for employers in your area. Your students can enter this paid, work-based learning form of in-demand occupational training and earn valuable skills, industry-valued credentials, and start on a career pathway that offers an average post-program starting salary between $50,000 – $70,000 with opportunities for long-term career growth. 

Apprenticeship is comprised of two main components: on-the-job learning and related instruction. Related instruction is a set of courses aligned with an apprentices’ occupation and is commonly provided by secondary or post-secondary educational institutions including high school CTE programs, adult career technical centers, and community and technical colleges. Your institution can benefit from participating in apprenticeship as a program sponsor, a related instruction provider, or both!


Our Role

ACCELerate Apprenticeship is a U.S. Department of Labor (US DOL) grant-funded initiative of the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) to expand apprenticeship opportunities at ports and across America’s multimodal transportation, distribution and logistics (TDL)-connected supply chain. A key component of apprenticeship programs is related instruction – courses taught outside the apprentices’ work experience that provides the critical knowledge (“why”) that complements their on-the-job learning (“how”) to help them become more skilled, successful employees.

Our grant team works with institutions of higher education which have existing programs, or an interest in building new academic or workforce programs that map to occupations for which we are currently developing apprenticeship programs for employers nationwide. We can provide your institution with: 

  1. program expertise in becoming an apprenticeship program sponsor 
  2. technical assistance in leveraging multiple sources of funding and support for your school’s sponsored program
  3. frameworks to “crosswalk” existing industry-valued certifications and credentials to academic credit

Contact us to learn how the ACCELerate Apprenticeship grant program team can help your institution: 

  • engage local employers to enroll their apprentices as students in your academic or workforce programs for their related instructional courses 
  • align existing programs and curriculum with local employers’ training needs 
  • embed or align your apprenticeship-related courses with industry-valued credentials
  • develop consortia of key local stakeholders including employers, workforce system representatives, and community-based organizations serving underrepresented populations to inform your program development, contribute financial and in-kind resources for program support, and market your program to prospective students

Occupations We Serve

ACCELerate Apprenticeship is funded by US DOL to develop apprenticeship programs for ports, multimodal transportation, distribution and logistics (TDL) and connected supply chain employers for two primary occupational areas: (1) skilled trade & advanced manufacturing, and (2) IT/cyber. We are able to provide expert technical assistance in developing high-quality, industry-aligned apprenticeship programs for these and other related occupations:

IT and Cybersecurity Occupations

  • application developer
  • cloud operations specialist
  • computer systems analyst/manager
  • computer support specialist or technician
  • cybersecurity analyst
  • data analyst
  • database administrator or analyst
  • IT analyst or technician
  • IT business analyst
  • IT/cyber project manager
  • IT/cyber systems engineer
  • IT/cyber support professional
  • network analyst or administrator
  • network operations developer
  • web developer

Skilled Trade/Advanced Manufacturing Occupations

  • advanced manufacturing technician
  • airframe and/or powerplant (A&P) mechanic
  • assembly mechanic
  • avionics technician
  • designer/drafter
  • crane operator
  • diesel mechanic
  • dispatcher
  • electrician
  • engineer (aerospace, electrical, mechanical, marine, etc)
  • equipment operator
  • facilities security officer
  • fleet maintenance technician
  • HVAC technician
  • logistics analyst
  • industrial engineering technician
  • maintenance worker, manager or supervisor
  • mechanical technician
  • mechatronics technician
  • painter
  • project manager
  • sheet metal worker or inspector
  • supervisor (production/planning, warehouse operations, industrial production, etc.)
  • supply chain analyst or manager
  • UAV/drone technician
  • warehouse worker
  • welder